Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tweeples meet in Bangalore

Patriotic Tweeples( PT) Conference of South India at Bangalore of Sunday 14th October 2012 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. organised by Dr Subramanian Swamy.
The registration is open through the link provided here .
Please contact Janata Party's national general secretary Mr.jagdish Shetty  (


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Take steps to protect strategic monazite reserves: Swamy to PM

Janata Party President DR.  Subramanian Swamy has demanded that steps should be taken to protect and conserve strategic reserves of monazite sands in south India -- a major source of thorium.

In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Dr. Swamy claimed there have been some cases of illicit exports of such sands from southern India and cases in this regard have been pending in courts.
"Protection of the strategic mineral sands should be entrusted to a joint command of Central Paramilitary or better still Armed Forces to overcome the present intolerable situation of private mafias controlling access," he said

Swamy stands by Kudan Kulam Plant

Accusing the agitationist against Kudankulam  nuclear power plant as sponsored by anti-India forces, Dr Swamy has urged the Indian Government to ignore the 'sponsored' opposition to the plant. He expressed these views earlier in the media through press statement and recently reiterated the views when he participated in a TV channel debate. We provide here the links .  
Video link on Times Now debate –Kudankulam


Swamy slams Centre for misleading India

The judgment of SC is being interpreted wrongly by Congressmen ,says Dr Swamy,Janata Party President. The nation knows Dr Subramanian Swamy as   a crusader against corruption.


  Janata Party President Dr. Subramanian Swamy  has accused the UPA Government and the union ministers  of “misleading” the country on the opinion given by the Supreme Court on the Presidential Reference.

Dr. Swamy  termed as “blatant lies” the claims made by Union Ministers P Chidambaram, Salman Khurshid and Kapil Sibal about the outcome of the apex court’s opinion on auction of natural resources and accused the ministers of deliberately trying to confuse the public.

Taking a dig at the ‘poor’ knowledge of legal; issues ,Swamy called them ‘legal illiterates’. “I doubt the law degrees of these three persons. I urge them to go back to law school, as they seem to have forgotten the basic things taught in law schools. The Congress party’s Disinformation Team seems desperate to make out that the Supreme Court opinion was supportive of the corrupt policies of the UPA.”

“This Team fails to refer to the three pillars of this opinion: 1. Full backing for the finality of the 2G licence cancellation judgment and holding of auction for future spectrum allotment. 2. That for maximisation of revenue auction is the best policy. 3. Government has no unfettered power to execute any policy it deems fit. If a policy including auction is shown to have been framed arbitrarily unreasonably mala fide or illegally then the courts will strike it down,” said Swamy in a statement.

Dr.Swamy challenged the ministers for an open debate with him on the issue.

Corruption hampered India's economic growth: Swamy

Janata Party president Dr. Subramanian Swamy has  said that country's economic growth had been badly hit by corruption.

Dr Swamy was speaking to the mediamen in Rajkot(Gujarat) on September 22.

"Corruption has badly affected the country's economy,"  said Dr. Swamy, who was on the last leg of his Gujarat  tour after having addressed meetings in Gujarat.

Praising the BJP government in Gujarat, Dr. Swamy said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the state had made good progress.

He expressed confidence that Modi would win the upcoming Assembly polls in Gujarat with absolute majority, which would have a "national impact".
"It is the demand of time that Modi wins the Gujarat Assembly polls and comes forward in national politics to throw Congress out of power," Swamy said.
On government's decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail in India, Swamy said that the move would ruin the future of country's retailers.Janata Party chief  also criticised the Centre over the fuel price hike.
There have several reactions on Twitter after Dr Swamy's Rajkot speech. Young Gujaratis are ga-ga over his patriotic line gainst corrupt and inefficient  Congressment ruling New Delhi. A tweeple on Sunday took to Twitter to shower his words of praise on Swamy.  "It was a life time Memory to hear @Swamy39 at Rajkot Yesterday. How he attacked UPA and Get linked everything with corruption was awesome. (sic)" he tweeted. 
Earlier speaking at Rajkot in Gujarat , Janata Party President Dr. Subramanian Swamy said that Gujarat will again show direction(to the nation) like it showed during Janata Morcha era. Swamy predicted 140 seats for BJP in Gujarat.
“For last six-eight months Sonia Gandhi during her stay abroad was promising that Modi would be sent to jail and would also be defeated in the elections. Arabs were very happy with such promise and were waiting for such things to happen, but they are now shaken because as more public meetings (of Modi) are taking place, they have realized that nothing will happen(to Modi as promised),” Swamy said.
During an interaction with media persons, Dr. Swamy also said that as per his view, the mid-term elections for Lok Sabha can arrive in February 2013 itself.

( A video link to his press meet in Gujarat is here :
Video link for Dr Swamy on Gujarat 22.09.12 )