Monday, July 1, 2013

Bangladeshis are adding to numbers

Rise in Muslim population due to migration from Bangladesh, says Subramanian Swamy

‘B’desh migrants adding to Muslim population’
‘B’desh migrants adding to Muslim population’
Mumbai: Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy said the increase in population among Muslims in India is due to the burgeoning illegal migration from neighbouring nation Bangladesh.
"Growing population among Muslims is due to the migration from Bangladesh. The neighbouring country needs to be firmly told to take back their people," Swamy said at a book release function ‘Muslim Jansankhya: Ek Chinta' published in Marathi and Hindi.
On Article 370 of the constitution for Jammu and Kashmir, Swamy said it can be repealed through a presidential notification.  “There is no need for a parliamentary vote,” he added.
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Swamy supports Telangana & Smaller States

Dr. Swamy Rubbishes claims that Telangana would not be economically viable
New Delhi : Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy on Monday said that any Telangana package should be rejected outright, as nothing short of separate Telangana would do. There should be no compromise on this basic demand, he said.
A publication ‘A Rebuttal to Visalandhra Goebbels Propaganda’ brought out by Telangana Development Forum, US, to reject the claims of Vishalandhra Mahasabha against the demand for separate Telangana State.  The publication was released by Dr Subramanian Swamy. The author Konatham Dilip ,Delhi TJAC Convener D Ramakrishna Reddy & Sriram Vedire were present on the occasion.
Dr Subramanian Swamy praised the effort of the Telangana Development Forum to counter the claims of Vishalandhra Mahasabha. “In a democracy, it is important to challenge false propaganda. Even during the Emergency, the false propaganda was challenged through underground literature,” he said.
The NDA, he said, is all for Telangana and if the NDA comes to power, he will do everything in his power to ensure the creation of Telangana. Dr Swamy said, “You are closest to achieving Telangana. In 2014, we should have the celebrations meeting in Hyderabad, after the creation of Telangana.”
Telangana activists should never despair. One does not know when Telangana may happen,” he said. Citing from history, he said when the Quit India Movement collapsed in 1944, people gave up hope of achieving Independence. But it happened in 1947. Again, during the Emergency, when he managed to escape, there was not even a whimper of protest. “People used to ask me, how will things go on like this? I had no answer. Indira Gandhi made a foolish decision and called elections and she lost all over the country and she was defeated in her own constituency. When it all seems impossible, things suddenly happen,” Dr Swamy said.
Two States would be a credit to Telugus
Citing solid reasons for creation of Telangana, he said: “Andhra Pradesh is too large a State; there is no dispute over language and it would be a credit if there are two Telugu-speaking States. There has been a consistent demand for separate State.” He rubbished the claim that Telangana is not viable economically. If it is true then trade between States is always an option open to it
(Based on report by Venkat Parsa in The Hans India )
In the Photo : Janata Party president Dr Subramanian Swamy (fourth from left) and Justice Rajinder Sachar (third from left) releasing the CD format of publication ‘A Rebuttal to Visalandhra Goebbels Propaganda’ in New Delhi on Monday. Academician Gautam Pingle (second  from right) and others also seen

Dr Swamy writes another letter to PM on Aircel -Maxis deal

Janata Party President Dr Subramanian Swamy has raised the Aircel-Maxis deal once again and asked Mr Man Mohan Singh  to call for immediate review of the deal .

This morning ,in a letter to PM Dr Swamy  reminded PM of his earlier letter on the topic       ( please see this blog for full text of earlier letter) and questioned the role of Finance Minister Mr P.Chidambaram . 

Full text of the letter is here :  

July 1, 2013.

Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.

Dear Prime Minister:

            Please refer to my earlier letter to you dated April 18, 2013 regarding the Aircel-Maxis deal and the CBI’s Supreme Court-monitered-investigation into the same.  In my Interlocutory Application No. 36 in the matter, the Supreme Court had directed the CBI to investigate the issues I had raised therein, which included the fraudulent and bogus clearance of the deal by the FIPB allegedly claimed as on March 7, 2006 {when Mr. P. Chidambaram was Finance Minister}.  Hence his role in the matter would automatically come under the scanner of the CBI.
            In this letter I bring to your notice information I have recently received.  A Secret Note No. 51/1/2007-JIC(CS) had been prepared by the Joint Intelligence Committee of your Government based on inputs from all the main central Intelligence agencies submitted.  In  the said Secret Note  it is stated Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Telecom had as far back as 2007 acquired 25% of the Maxis equity by paying $3 billion then.  Recent information I have received from Malaysia reveal that Saudi Telecom will purchase additional equity to raise its share to 35%.  There is also news that France was expecting its telecom company to purchase an additional 20%.  In other words, Maxis would cease to be a Malaysian company.
            Given Saudi Arabia’s Wahabi propensity to finance Islamic fundamentalist forces in India and Bangla Desh, JIC had rightly wondered as far back as 2007 whether it is in India’s national security interests that India should provide access to such a vital area as telecom sector, especially when Saudi Telecom will through Maxis has licences for sensitive circles such in  Northeast India, hit by Islamic infiltration from Bangla Desh.
            What is all the more shocking is that Mr. Chidambaram had failed to call for security clearance for the Aircel Maxis or inform the FIPB of the Saudi Telecom angle but instead fraudulently gave a bogus contrived FIPB clearance to the deal.
            As Prime Minister therefore, you must call for a review of the Aircel Maxis deal immediately and instruct the CBI to investigate the matter.  Otherwise, I shall have to approach the Supreme Court by way of another Interlocutory Application.

                                                                        Yours sincerely,