Friday, December 28, 2012

Declare Rape as an act of terrorism : Dr.Swamy

  Statement of Dr.Subramanian Swamy   made on December 28, 2012
      I demand that the Prime Minister to immediately issue an Ordinance to make the offence of rape as one of terrorism.

     Gone are the days when rape was an offence committed occasionally, by an individual against a woman in a fit of passion. Today rape has become an epidemic, committed by a gang, accompanied by a depraved and beastly brutalization of the victim, as in the recent gang- rape in a bus.

      Such incidents have terrorized women, and traumatized parents. Hence it is tantamount to terrorism as per UN definition by which "terrorism is the act by violence to overawe innocent civilians to do or not to do something against their will.

       Therefore without delay the Prime Minister must get an Ordinance issued to make rape a terrorism offence with either death or Bobbit cut as sentence.


  1. This makes sense. No more words and thoughts will give solace to people concerned on this issue. Ordinance declaring this as act of terrorim will make perfect sense and show seriousness of govt also for once on this issue.
    Wake up government!! Gunjan Tripathi

  2. This statement is 100% and the rape has to be defined correctly serious punishments should be given for such in human act. Such incidents will cause repairable lose and suffocation to the women and their families. It is a brutal crime. Why government is not taking it very seriously. Raping minors should also be dealt as a very serious crime for which death and bobbit cut both has to be given. All rape cases to be given serious punishments not the rarest of rare. Even eve teasing, acid pouring and sexual harassment should also be dealt very seriously.


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