Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dr. Swamy supports Jayalalitha's walk-out from NDC

    Janata Party president Dr. Subramanian Swamy has backed the action taken by Tamil Nady CM Ms J. Jayalalitha  in walking out of the NDC meeting in New Delhi  this morning. 
He said in a statement that  TN CM Ms. Jayalalitha is perfectly justified in walking out of the NDC meeting.

Questioning the time allotted to the CMs to speak Dr Swamy asked " How can a CM present the state's perspective in just 10 minutes ?"

He said  " If not enough time was there the meeting could have continued the next day. But to humiliate a CM by ring of a bell as if some school debate was being conducted shows the depths to which UPA has sunk"

       In any case the NDC has become irrelevant and out of date because of economic liberalization Soviet type planning has become a formality and of no consequence. Hence NDC should be abolished and Planning Commission wound up.

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  1. Congress govt is always against Tamilnadu & its CM.
    But definitely in the next election congress will face the consequences.


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