Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nation mourns the rape victim: Time for us to wake up

She survived for 12 days an attack on her life . Attack on her made the whole country united in praying that she survives. She was sent to Singapore for better treatment , but even the best medical attention given in Singapore hospital could not save her.

India is shocked. The news has come at a time when the whole country is sleeping,but when people wake up in the morning , they will get this horrifying news .

The questions will remain whether it would have been better if she was treated at Safdarjang hospital or not, or why was she sent to Singapore.

But she is gone.  She is no more. Time has come now for us to wake up and act to stop violence against women .

Several demonstrations at India gate in Delhi and all  over country showed that the whole country was up in arms against the culprits and such crime in general.

Among several suggestions made by many social ,political figures, I think the suggestion made by Janata Party President Dr.Subramanian  Swamy is most significant. He has demanded that the rape should be declared an act of terrorism and the guilty should be treated like a terrorist.

Janata Party appeals to people not to  indulge in  New Year celebrations . In this time of mourning celebrations should stop as a mark of respect  to the departed soul.

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