Thursday, January 31, 2013

Swamy writes to PM on NAC members

Janata Party President ,Dr Subramanian Swamy has raised the issue of NAC members asking for clemency for Kasab ,the Pakistani terrorist ,who was hanged later.

The  text of the letter is reproduced below:

Dr. Manmohan Singh,                                 January 28, 2013.
Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.

Dear Prime Minister,

With this letter I enclose a news clipping from today’s Pioneer newspaper. From it, you can see two who are/or have been members of the National Advisory Council, had written to the Rashtrapatiji seeking clemency for the killer terrorist in the Mumbai 26/11 horror viz., Kasab, who had been sentenced to death by the Supreme Court as not only rarest of rare but also necessary for the “collective conscience” of the nation.

Since the NAC is a Government body set up by the Cabinet Secretariat, and paid for from tax payers’ funds, it is imperative for you to take appropriate action for this anti-national support to a brazen terrorist from Pakistan who killed so many innocent Indians and tried to terrorize the nation.

Since, that clemency plea was written with heir designation as NAC member, hence, the Chairperson of the NAC is equally culpable, judging by your Government’s standard of holding RSS as an organization responsible for even ex-RSS workers, let alone office bearers.

I demand therefore that you either remove Ms Sonia Gandhi from the Chairperson position or wind up the NAC. Ms Sonia Gandhi of course has long term links with organizations which have been called terrorists or terrorist- friendly. The late Rajiv Gandhi once told me that she financed those Palestinian families which had lost a member who had been recruited as a suicide bomber. He in fact asked me to meet PLO Chief Yassir Arafat to check if the money she was sending was in fact reaching the families. Hence, I made a trip to Tunis where Arafat was hiding those days, and met him on October 10, 1990. Arafat confirmed that the money was reaching the Habash group of the PLO I had written about this in my book Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi (published by Konark in 2000).

Ms Gandhi also keeps the company of a Pakistani lady called Farida Ataullah, on whom the IB did a background check in connection with Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s assassination, according to a recent book of a journalist Tavleen Singh.

It is well known also that Ms. Sonia Gandhi financed the education in UK of daughter of Ms. Nalini who was awarded the death penalty by the TADA Court and which was upheld by the Supreme Court.
Hence, it is imperative that unless cleared of these charges, Ms Sonia Gandhi is unfit to occupy any position in any Government body. Therefore, lyou are duty bound to have her sacked from the NAC.

Yours sincerely,



  1. What is the recruitment procedure for Chairperson and members of NAC? When NAC was constituted by an act of parliament the procedure for appointment of its Chairman and members should have been prescribed.It should have provided essential qualification and conditions for appointment on the above posts.Appointment to these should have been made by inviting applications from the people fulfilling those qualifications.NAC is funded out of tax payers money.As such taxpayers have a right to know about the just and rightful use of the money paid by them.Will the PM provide an answer to these issues? Or shall somebody file a PIL on these issues?

  2. I do not know how we are going to ever repay for the services Dr.Swamy is rendering to our country, to get rid of suspicious anti-national elements moving around masking themselves as protectors of our interests. It is unfortunate that none of these disclosures ever get published in our so-called "free-press". All that we can do is only to give extensive exposure to all such matters of national interest in our own limited circles. May god be with Dr.Swamy in his mission.


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