Friday, May 24, 2013

Entire Kashmir is India's territory : No need for any dialogue with Pakistan

Janata Party president  Dr. Subramanian Swamy, said that time has come to wage a war with Pakistan to recover the part of Kashmir held by Pakistan and not cede an inch of land further.
Dr Swamy was addressing a meeting of the party's minority wing organized and hosted by J&K unit of Janata Party.
Janata Party leaders from several state units displayed the courage and spoke taking a nationalist stand in J&K ,where other  political party's leaders are scared to even pay a visit.

Dr Swamy addressing Press Conference in Sri Nagar -PTI Photo

Dr Swamy said “We are not ready to compromise even on an inch of land in Kashmir. The only thing to be done is to get back the Pakistan-occupied part of Kashmir. Kashmir is an integral part of India and there is nothing to be resolved,”
Janata Party president addressed a crowded  press conference  before the party meeting at Hotel LalaRukh in the heart of the Srinagar  city Lal chowk..   

  "We are not ready to compromise an inch of Kashmir and the only dialogue with Pakistan on this must be focused on that part of the state that is under its unlawful occupation," he said.

Replying a question on the promise of a plebiscite in Kashmir India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, he said: "There was no cabinet decision on a plebiscite during Nehru's time and whatever he said is not binding on India.". He said if was Pandit Nehru , who took this decision without taking the cabinet colleagues in confidence , influenced by his 'friends' Lord and Edwina Mountbatten.
 “Plebiscite was not promised by the Indian government to the people of Kaspresident said the only "unfinished agenda" on Kashmir is to get back the part of the state which is under the occupation of Pakistan.
 "Let me make it clear that dialogue with Pakistan cannot resolve Kashmir issue. There should be no talks with Pakistan on Kashmir," Swamy told reporters here. 

Swamy also said there was a need for a new approach for resolution
of problems faced by people of Kashmir. 

Asked about JANATA  party's stand on Article 370 of the Constitution granting special status to Kashmir, Swamy said the provision has been violated by militants by driving away Kashmiri Pandits from the valley.Article 370 has now become irrelevant in the state.  The question is how to rehabilitate Kashmiri pandits again in the state.

In reply to a question, Swamy said the BJP-led NDA will come to power in the next Lok Sabha elections due next year as the ruling UPA has been a "total failure". 

Swamy said corruption, national unity and fight against terrorism will be the main issues during the polls. 

On the 
IPL controversy, he demanded stern punishment for those involved in the spot-fixing scandal.  
Swamy also said IPL should be allowed to remain as a sport and that people with no connection with cricket should be kept away from the administration of the game. The names of some UPA ministers will soon surface in the IPL spot fixing racket," he told reporters here. "There can be no scams and scandals without the  blessings of the UPA government. They are in Coalgate, Commonwealth Games scandal and also the IPL scandal."

Turning to India's neighbours, Swamy said the dispute with China was only related to the demarcation of the Line of Actual Control while the dispute with Pakistan was about its claim on Kashmir.
Dr Subramanian Swamy arrived in the state capital in the morning with party's national general secretary Dr Arvind Chaturvedi. The other leaders who attended the meeting were state presidents of Kerala -TG Mohan Das, Delhi-Dr Suneel Mago, and  Uttrakhand-Zaheer Ansari. Maharashtra state general secretary Javed Akhtar, Mumbai unit secretary Iftekhar Kahn, UP minority cell president  Abdul Rahaman, UP unit General secretary Pawan  Upadhyay.
The guests were given a warm welcome at the airport and taken to circuit House in a caravan of vehicles with  party workers carrying flags and shouting slogans in Dr Swamy's honour.
At the venue of the meeting the hall was full with  enthusiastic party workers including a large number of women.   Girls high School  students sang a bi-lingual song Hindustan hai hamara watan . Followed by a welcome traditional song 'ghoomaro-ghoomaro' by folk artists of Kashmir ( please see the photographs).
The state president Abdul Rahaman Lone in his speech assured Dr Swamy that the state has a large number of nationalists and they feel proud to be part of Hindustan. The state leaders Gulzar  Ahmad , Capt Wali khan, and others who spoke reiterated that we are part of India. Speakers also highlighted some issues related to CRPF and said we want complete normalcy to return so that we can live peacefully and regain the economic glory based on tourism. 
Others who addresses the gatherings were Dr Arvind Chaturvedi , Dr Suneel Mago  and Javed Akhtar 




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  1. Only Dr.Swamy is capable of talking on these line in Kashmir. Ever Indian should be proud of the fact that here is one Man who can be both be honest and blunt. India will be safe in his hands.


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