Thursday, July 4, 2013

If BJP wants ,Janata Party is ready to merge with BJP

I have been getting phone calls from  Janata party workers from different places since this afternoon, to ask whether JP has merged with BJP ? 

The reason for this flood of calls was   Dr Swamy's answer to a question from a waiting TV correspondent after Dr Swamy met with Gujarat CM Mr Narendra Modi this morning in New Delhi.

Janata Party President said to the TV correspondents that ' I am an old Jansanghi.   We are a parivar. Narendra Modi is an old  friend for years, We have similar policies. We are willing to work together. If BJP wants, I am  ready to merge my party with BJP' 

May be the last sentence was too HOT a news for some correspondents. They flashed it immediately. India Today released it on its website,followed by India News Channel . Since India News TV channel was flashing it as 'Breaking news', it spread faster. 

But this should  not come as a surprise. Janata Party is already part of the NDA. On most of the political ,social, economic issues the two parties think alike.  Most of the Janata Party workers and office bearers have been active in it's earlier avatar Bhartiya Jana Sangh . Dr Swamy entered Rajya Sabha for the first time as a member of Jan Sangh only .

For past several years  Janata party President Dr Subramanian Swamy  has been a  very vocal politician highlighting issues which BJP  also swears by.  Dr Swamy has emerged as a champion of the Hindutva cause through his speeches and active work on the ground.

Entire Hindu Community ( barring a few SICKularists)  consider Dr Swamy  as a leader who  deserves the credit for  restoration of staus-quo on Ram Sethu . But for his active role in courts ,the mark of Hindu heritage would have been destroyed by UPA government.

We all know that it was Dr Swamy who persuaded Chinese authorities to open the doors of Holy shrine Kailash Man-Sarovar in 1980 . Dr Swamy  himself went  to Kailash Man Sarovar in the first group in 1980. 

Be it the issue of religious conversion, the Ram-Lala temple in Ayodhya, the issue of management of Hindu temples and holy shrines, Tirupathi Devasthanam issue,  the harassment and political vendetta against  Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti peetham, the evils of caste system, fight against religious reservations to minorities, brutal violence against Baba Ramdev & his followers, Dr Subramanian Swamy has proved his might  & resolve to fight.

BJP only stands to gain by the merger of Janata Party as a new force will ,then ,be available to BJP.

Dr Swamy  has always stood  for consolidation of nationalist forces  and has been fighting against anti national corrupt forces which now UPA leads. In this true spirit of consolidation of nationalist forces, Dr Swamy has made this offer to merge his party . If BJP agrees ,it will only boost the morale of the common worker of BJP also, who now counts Dr Swamy as a great patriot,statesman and a tall leader. 

Janata party  has all along supported the move to work closely with BJP and other like minded groups . In the national executive meeting of Janata party on 17th March in New Delhi ( later on endorsed fully by the national  council meeting of Janata Party , which was attended by representative of 17 state units), the resolution was adopted to work with BJP and if necessary merge with BJP to consolidate nationalist forces. 

Now since Dr Swamy has made it public through the media , it is for the BJP to respond. The nation is waiting . This unification of 'Janata-Sangh Parivar'  is in the national interest. 

- Arvind Chaturvedi 
National General Secretary,Janata Party


  1. Its a welcome move in the interest of the country. To fight Corruption, Pseudosecularism haunting our country and carry our nation to the path of Overall growth and development with Integral humanism economic model, this merger is very much imminent. Although Dr Swamy deserves more than PM's position, being the merger with BJP, would appeal BJP in the larger interest of the nation for Finance Minister portfolio to assign to Dr Swamy.

  2. its good. dr swami and like minded people can synergise the BJP. i think bjp need all supports at this juncture.

  3. BJP don't want to practice truth, the way Dr. Swamy has been doing. Once we Join BJP there will be restriction sooner or later on Dr. Swamy in his drive against Maino family and Black Money etc. What ever Dr. Swamy will do will in the larger public interest.

  4. hmmmm great news....BJP highly needed, Dr. Swamy.

  5. With Mr.Modi on top of BJP, the merger JP & BJP will be a great thing to happen to the country. We need Dr.Swamy and Mr.Modi to join their forces now, more than ever.

  6. Why JP merges BJP, BJP should merge JP rather...

  7. that is great news.i always a great follower and admirer of Dr swamy .I personally respects him for the the service he made for the nation.even he is having active role in handling the issues of corruption and other issues.He is a great patriot.and the son of mother india.
    Jai Hind


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