Friday, March 8, 2013

Dr Swamy gives a blue -print for India's economy

Janata Party President Dr Subramanian Swamy presented a blue-print for India's economic development and said it is still possible to achieve double digit growth and beat China in 20 years.

Dr Swamy was speaking at meeting od the Patriotic Tweeples  in AV college  hall in Hyderabad on february 10.

He said agriculture must get its due share of investment without which the yield and agriculture production can not grow.

Dr Swamy said the demographic dividend whih India has should be turned into an advantage as in the years to come only India will have lowest averafge age compared to China, Japan and european countries, which is an advantage to India.

He said fighting corruption at this stage in India will help new generation and  India's economic growth will depend on  a clean nad impartial system.

Abou 150 tweeples attended the meeting ,which was also addressed by Dr Hanuman Choudhary, Dr Arvind Chaturvedi and Mr Jagdish Shetty.

Mr Chalapathi Rao propsed a vote of thanks .  

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